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How to chose the right mortgage agent.

What comes first the chicken or the egg? Buying homes in Boynton Beach or anywhere in Palm Beach county can be made simple through the mls real estate listings service once you assign your self with a Tailored Realty LLC home buying specialist. Most home buyers have a tendency to call the Real Estate agent first when they consider buying a home. Not the worst move in the world but be sure to consider is speaking to a mortgage specialist/banker/broker etc. at the same time.   It is also o.k. to do this simultaneously as most likely your real estate agent will tell you to call the Mortgage Broker first.  It may seem obvious but especially if you are a first time home buyer looking for housesforsale, you may be reluctant to call the Mortgage Agent.  Dont be!  Think of it this way, would you go to the shoe store to buy a pair of shoes without knowing how much money you had to spend on them. You would not go to Nordstroms if you could only afford Payless. It is the same with homebuying. It just does not make good sense to go house hunting if you do not even know what caliber of house you can buy. It is a waste of your time and not fair to the Real Estate agent, as they are trained to help you find your home in the quickest, most efficient manner. It is ok to look in order to determine house values, however, yet this can be done online through the Tailored Realty LLC buying homes search portal. It is important to be open and honest with the mortgage agent you chose. If you do not trust them, do not use them.  Referrals from friends, family or a Tailored Realty LLC agent are your best options.  Trying your bank is a good place to start. However be sure to shop around. Rule of thumb is to speak to 3.  Most likely the Real Estate will know of good mortgage agents that they know from experience working with them.  It is the actual lenders job to research all of the information the mortgage broker gives them, therefore, if you leave out vital information or fudge on a number the bank will find out. It is better to work within your means than to try to exaggerate to get a bigger house.  The multipliers that the lenders use to determine if you are qualified to buy a house, is meant to ensure that you can afford to make the payments on the house you buy. Especially if you are buying a house for the first time, remember you are not marrying it, the first house is often a stepping stone and it allows you to show the bank that you can handle finances. If your track record is good and you pay your mortgage on time, your next house you buy could be the home of your dreams. 

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Get your free Search site by clicking the "Get a Listingbook Account Today!". This site will be your very own custome property search tool. It will allow you to save what you have seen, comment, directly connect to your agent day or night and allow you to search a quality, up to date database.  Other sites like Zillo, trulia and are great but I have found this tool is updated by the minute with allows you to avoid wasting valuable time. 

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For the past several years, Panama Central America, has been voted the top retirement destination in the world by Forbes, International living and US News Money magazine. If you read the US News article here, you will see that they voted Coronado as "The" #1 place to live.  Coronado happens to be streets away from this property in Punta Barco.