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If you have not consulted a mortgage agent to determine if you are a good candidate to buy, you may be missing a great opportunity to be a homeowner vs a renter. Even if you do not currently qualify, it will still be of value to speak to an agent as they can put you on a financial path to help you get ready to become a qualified buyer for the future.  There are many qualitfied Mortgage professionals at your local bank and recommendations from friends and family are usually a good bet.  If you would like for us to refer you to Mortgage agent click here

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On this page Tailored Realty is providing you with the best rental properties that are currently on the market. Day to day homes come and go, if you really want to stay abreast of the changing rental market, we suggest you create your Listingbook account today! Listingbook is a tool that will notify you as soon as the changes happen. It is  up to the minute, Free, Fun and the best way to keep track of properties you like. 

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